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Welcome to the Born & Bicknell Physician Opportunity Search! Our goal at Born & Bicknell is to help you achieve your goals in seeking a new practice. Simply click on the States of your choice and specialty to review a portion of the opportunities we have available. Contact our offices directly and talk to our professional physician consultants for even more up to the minute opportunities throughout the United States.
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Candidate Testimonials

I have been dreaming of a great job, in a wonderful place, with nice people, good schedule (and great pay). I tried several places, wrote everywhere, interviewed... it seemed an impossible task... Then Born & Bicknell called me... and found me the dream job. Thank you, It should be great to be able to change the lives you touch..."    Oana.


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Client Testimonials

We worked for our first experience with Born and Bicknell on a start-up primary care search.  Our consultant was not only very diligent and thorough, but also incredibly cheerful, positive and willing to take the lead on necessary follow-ups and the like.  We celebrated together when we finally got this contract signed, as I truly feel the "work" part of this search was equally shared by the firm and our hospital, not just your typical "here's a name, let me know if you get a contract" approach some firms take.

A.G., Vice President of a Hospital in Ohio

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