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At Born & Bicknell, our reputation is a result of the respectful atmosphere our company values and projects. This means that our staff respects each other, all of our candidates, all of our clients, and every individual we encounter. Simply stated, we have earned our reputation by doing good business.

Feel free to peruse interesting stories and comments from some of our physician candidates and clients. We hope you will share their experiences as it will give you an idea of what you can expect when you allow us to serve you.

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Client Testimonial

Bringing a new physician to your community is always cause to celebrate, but to find a needed specialty for our community after over two years of searching has truly been a wonderful event. Working with my Born & Bicknell recruiter was a natural fit from the start not only did she know our area but she was passionate about it being a great place to live, work, and play and I am positive that her enthusiasm was transferred to the candidates she worked with. That passion was key to engaging the physician who ultimately chose to relocate to our area, and without that passion he may have never given our opportunity a chance. Her energy and ability to stay in close contact with the candidate(s) as well as keeping the hospital informed every step of the way, truly made the process an interactive and pleasant experience. We look forward to working with her again and bringing many more providers to our community!

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